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California Grocery Stores

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California has some of the top grocery stores in the United States. Whether you are looking for a small grocery store feel or a large grocery market chain, California has the grocery store to fit your needs.

The following is a list of all the California grocery stores. We are in no way affiliated with any of the California grocery stores listed here. This list simply provides comprehensive listing of the grocery stores available in California with detailed information on each.

Common California Grocery Stores

Albertsons - According to Supermarket News, Albertsons is ranked No. 24 in the 2008 Top 75 North American Food retailers. In southern California, Albertsons is seems to be around every corner. Albertsons is known for having fresh produce and frequent sales. In addition, Albertsons have a preferred savings card that offers easy ways to save. Find your local albertsons grocery or view the Albertsons weekly ad.

Ralphs - A Kroger owned supermarket of California. The Ralphs weekly ad has some of the top discounts each week. Ralphs is a growing supermarket that seems to be adding new grocery stores in California every where we turn. Find a local Ralphs or view the Ralphs weekly ad for today's discounts.

- Vons ingredients for life. Vons is the Safeway brand of California grocery store which offers top discounts to club card shoppers. Vons latest initiative has added home grocery delivery. We are big fans of the Vons weekly ad as it offers club shoppers some great discounts each week. Find a Vons near you. Here are some coupons directly from Vons website.

Stater Bros
Stater Bros
- Of the main California grocery stores, Stater Bros has risen to the top of the heap. With quality products and produce, some of the lowest prices, and a staff that is very welcoming, Stater Bros has become one of our favorite California grocery stores. Though the stater bros website is lacking in some areas, however, you can find helpful places to view the Stater Bros weekly ad online. Find a Stater Bros near you.

- Although primarily a pharmacy, CVS offers a great selection for grocery shoppers. Although they lack in the area of produce or freshly served items, CVS offers great selection and pricing on stock up items such as canned goods, snacks, and various other food products. In addition, the CVS weekly ad offers a significant amount of savings for your dollar. We are also very big fans of the CVS website including their coupon printing section. For these reasons and more, CVS is a definite contender for a top California grocery store. Locate a CVS near you.

Food 4 Less
Food 4 Less
- One of the Kroger markets grocery stores located in California. Food4Less is a discount grocery store offering very low prices and bulk purchases. Take advantage of extra saving on the already low prices from the Food 4 Less weekly ad.

Trader Joes
Trader Joes
- Although Trader Joes does not have the most competetive prices, it has become one of the hottest California grocery stores for specialty shopping. For those looking for an alternative to the traditional California grocery store shopping experience, Trader Joes is worth visiting. You can find many items at Trader Joes that other grocery stores simply do not carry. Find a location near you or view the weekly flyer to find items to save on.

- Walgreens and CVS are a few of the Pharmacies we have included in our California grocery stores list. This is primarily because Walgrens and CVS have become particularly good in the grocery product department. Offering competitive deals, quick "in-and-out" shopping, and a decent selection grocery products. View the sales from Walgreens weekly ad online or find a store near you to shop.

- On the lines of Trader Joes, WholeFoods offers grocery shoppers a different breed of grocery shopping in California. With specialty foods and natural and organic products, Wholefoods is a California grocery store worth visiting. Find a local WholeFood grocery or view the wholefoods weekly flyer for savings.

- Although Costo is not a grocery store, it does offer many of the foods and products that the other California grocery stores offer. In comparison to Food 4 Less and Smart & Final, Costo offers bulk, while providing very good quality. Costco grocery shopping is highly recommended for families of 4 or more, or for stock-up shopping. Find a Costco near you.

Less Common California Grocery Stores


Fresh & Easy

Smart & Final



Lucky Supermarkets

Arcangeli Grocery Co / Norm's Market

Taylor's Markets

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